UConn Extension is helping agricultural producers in Connecticut enhance their soil and water quality. Conservation plans enable producers and landowners to install and maintain conservation activities to address priority natural resources. Our goal is to provide education and tools that help farmers realize the benefits of sustainable agriculture for the long-term success of agriculture in the state.

Soil health management is synonymous with maximizing farm productivity while minimizing environmental losses. Connecticut provides a diverse and unique agroecosystem, which offers specific opportunities and challenges. Understanding the initial soil conditions with representative soil tests is an important step to assess management strategies that promote nutrient cycling within fields. We are supporting farmers with technical assistance to analyze and develop a plan that address individual needs and goals, along with connecting them to funds available through NRCS EQIP for soil tests, nutrient management, reduced tillage, composting and other soil-water related conservation practices.

We continue to speak with farmers about these issues and opportunities and encourage you to contact soil health specialist Katherine van der Woude (Katherine.vanderwoude@uconn.edu) if you believe your farm might benefit from a conservation plan.

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